TEDxBaghdad 2016 Speakers

Dr. Abdulameer Al-Hamdani – archaeologist
He was born in 1967 and got his Bachelor degree in Ancient Archaeology from Baghdad University in 1987. He got the MA and PhD degree from The Department of Anthropology of State University of New York at Stony Brook.
Also he taught at this university and at Dhiqar University too. He delivered many presentations at several great universities such as Harvard and Yale. Al-Hamadani also did great contributions to his discipline like carrying out regional surveys and documentation of Archaeological sites and heritage buildings in southern Iraq . all by using G.P.S (Global Positions System), satellite images, and GIS, adding new 1200 archaeological sites to the archaeological Atlas of Iraq. He played a major part in guarding and protecting the Archaeological sites involving arranging patrols and confiscation hundreds of Ancient artifacts from looters and transferring them to the Iraqi National museum in Baghdad.

Nabil Yehya – Engineer
Engineer Nabil Yehya ,born in 1956, he graduated from University of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering , a major that he was dedicated to since he was 10 years old when he worked as an electrician fixing electrical devices until he graduated.
continuing to develop himself in his major , he aspired and obtained many courses such as a 1 year one in NEC and another 6 months in AE corporations , and many other courses
he published several online researches and occupied many jobs like the head of the department of electricity and heavy electronic machinery in Badush Dam.
he will be explaining a method that will revolutionise the way we deal with diesel engines

Hanna Sadiq – Fashion Designer
Hana’a Sadiq who has a degree in French Literature from the University of Baghdad – is now a world renowned fashion designer, specializing in the integration of Arabic art with contemporary haut couture. Having studied painting with major Iraqi artists, she went on to study textile design, silk painting and ceramic in Paris.
as a hobby and through her travels throughout the Arab world she has collected around 5000 pieces of old silver jewelry and over 3000 traditional costumes.
she is the first designer to introduce arabic calligraphy to Kaftans
hers are those of bright and striking colors.
She has also received numerous awards for her exceptional work from all over the world
such as
Medal of best Arabic designer in Athens
First prize for Arabic world summit in Fashion in Iraq
Golden medal for best representative of Arabic fashion in Egypt
the gold medal in Italy and recognized in Italy as the ambassador of Arabic fashion.
Golden award for best fashion designer in Dubai
Fashion show and reward from the UNESCO in Paris preserving the Arab heritage of old dresses and jewelry. Also for reviving them in unique designs

Nova Emad – Musician
An Iraqi woman with a heavenly voice that takes the breath away
a woman that took the world’s theatres by storm with thunderous applause ,she’s the daughter of “seta hakupian” aka “iraq’s warm voice” a title that nova inherited from her mother and followed her path, after her mother supervised her she managed to master many songs from the old golden days
she joined a music band from ottawa and fused arabic music with jazz and the she kept going on her own which led to making fantastic pieces of art mixing arabic with techno music, which gave her a respectable name in western music community.
in 2011 nova started going solo,her words were inspired from her experience of living in a foreighn land ,mixing it with her amazing voice she produced her first song “ghurbah” where she spoke of the wounds of living away from home. many songs followed ghurbah like “kalima”,”layla” and “min al’amaq” so that she puts her unique mark on her own music.
nova also participated in a number of TV and cinematic works ,featuring her song in the canadian series “sanctuary” ,and singing in the short film’s “thursday market” soundtrack and the mystical music of “the seven sins” series which aired in ramadan 2014 and was chosen best series’ soundtrack in egypt.
nova speakes with the same warm classy voice she sings with ,this amazing hermonious rhythem is what transforms anything into something classy and breath-taking .

Mujtaba Alhulu – Author

he was born in the district of almajar alkabir part of Maysan province, in spite of his young age, he holds a master’s degree in literature English language and has published more than 40 papers some of which were published by global printing agencies like Germany Press Lambert ,he is also the owner of several articles both intellectual and scientific with challenging subjects

Muayad Mohsen – Artist

Our great painter, who was born in 1964 and got the Bachelor degree from University of Babylon and a master degree from University of Baghdad, he enriched Iraqi, Arabic and international art galleries with his astonishing artworks. In addition to his many art galleries in Baghdad, he has art galleries all over the word including Abu Dhabi, Tripoli, New York, Paris, Dubai and others.
Our artist is a change maker … and all we want to give you is the hope and motive to make

Ali Arkady – Photojournalist

He was born in Khanaqin and graduated from its technical Institute then started his work as a photographer in 2006 and in 2010 started to work as a photojournalist. he has done a lot of documentaries about the injured people because of the war in Iraq . he has filmed in the most dangerous areas in Iraq,Syria,turkey,Tunisia and roamed the whole Iraq.
currently, Ali supervises on the training of a number of esideat girls who survived the detention of ISIS in photography according to UN program
Ali conveyed the tragedies of the past and the present but he never gave up on photographing happiness.
the passion to his profession and humanity made him produce a lot of creative works that touched the receiver feelings and one of the most important works is 220 volt

Nazar Kadhim – Musician

Nazar Khadim Khalifa is an Oud and Organ player as well as a singer, he is blind since birth but that never hindered him. His talent shone at the age when he was a student in an institution for the blind. Through music lessons he was able to craft and polish his talent furthermore which enabled him to become the head of the institution choir. Nazar joined organisations pertaining to the gifted that are a part of the Youth and Sports Ministry, he performed in many events in Iraq at festivals and international ceremonies. He was honoured by the ministry as a noteworthy creative individual. He participated twice to represent Iraq in the tenth convention of art and sports where he win first place in the blinded category. He auditioned for Iraq Star show and won third place, he was named Makawi Al-Iraq by the artist Ahmed Ni’ma. A while later he joined civil society organisations, where he performed several operettas. His most recent participatio was in The Voice which has a significant impact on Nazar’s life because it had opened a wider platform for him in the Middle East. He’s currently doing a work in collaboration with Nasir Al-Qasabi which will be announced soon. In addition, received many certificates including ones from the League of Arab States, United Nations and local certificates.

Estabriq Abd-Alrudah – IT Specialist

A young Iraqi woman that faced all the barriers and obstacles that she’s gone through, whether in her practical life or living in a community that judges and shackles women ,she’s obtained a Bachlore in computer science in artificial intelligence and master degree in data security and artificial intelligence also she has published several researches locally and internationally. She coded and executed security programs that are ready for marketing which involves a complete security system .
she participated in many conferences such as the international Arabic language council in the UAE, center of information technology’s competition and her own seminar in The University of Technology which acknowledged her efforts.

Ammar Bin Hatem – Artist
He has a Bachelor degree and a diploma in management in addition to many other international certificates in modern journalism from a number of media institutes and in strategic planning from the international institute of research and exchange ,he’s also a member of the iraqi artists assn. and iraqi fine artists assn.
He participated in many international conferences ,cultural festivals and fine art galleries,like his participation with a number of writers in “remembering al mutanabby street. ” festival which was held in the UK and the international fine arts gallery and he had his own gallery “arabian prophecies” in baghdad in 2010. Dar aladham published his first poem collection “ashes of nostalgia ” (ramad al haneen) in 2013 in cairo and he has many other works in progress.

Hazim AlDarraji – Inventor
He earned his PhD in Animal Physiology and Reproduction from Baghdad University , he also recieved his MSc in Animal Physiology and Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences both at Baghdad University He excelled in his field and graduated first of his class. Since 1995, he joined the College of Agriculture at Baghdad University as a University Professor. He has attended more than 130 regional and international conferences and workshops. He has a membership of 40 international scientific committees in different fields. He has also published about 239 scientific research papers in regional and international journals and conferences. He has 27 patents and got more than 100 medals and prizes by participating in multiple international invention exhibitions that were held in countries all over the world. He also has published six scientific books .

Hamza al Haidari– Faculty and Staff at Stanford University
Hamza al Haidari, born and raised in Baghdad ,his journey began in 2006 when he moved to Amman/Jordan, then CA,USA which is his current residence.
His main goal is to present the positive and bright side of Iraq in hope that will cover the bad image the world has taken about Iraq.