Tedx Talks 2015

Shahad Alrawi

An iraqi author and poet best known for writing short stories, poetry, articles,interested in humanitarian affairs and highlights the need of Anthropology in life , she studied in Baghdad and holds a master’s degree in Human Resources Management from damascus,syria and serves as director of research development at the Academy national R & D -United arab emirates- Dubai,
She has participated in many cultural seminars and poetry readings at the international level and has published research in many Arab newspapers

Wareth Kwaish

Wareth Kwaish , was born in 1992 in Baghdad , at the beginning of his study journey in the fine arts institute – Cinema department , he started working in the field of film-making , his experience was improved by working with the director ( Mohammed Al- Daraji ) , Wareth also have worked with other directors on some Iraqi films projects , he has two short films ( Once, they were here , A Nation Without a Homeland ) . he works now for new long documentary ” Baghdad Disco ” Now Wareth is working in the Iraqi Center of Independent Film-making.

Sameh AL-Muqdadi

Sameh is Hydrogeologist obtained the PhD in 2012 and Post Doctorate in 2014
from Technical University of Freiberg – Germany. Currently he is the Project manager for
Geoscience academic program, since 2009 he has established and led several international projects
that create the first German-Iraqi universities network, the program is funded by German
Government and DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and included several projects mainly focused on developing the Iraqi higher education sector in terms of Geoscience with a vision to establish the German university in Iraq.
In 2010, Sameh with two German scientists establishing for the first time ever the scientific diving unite for developing under water researchers in cooperation with University of Basrah – Marine science center, the project labelled as a pioneer scientific achievement for Iraq that ended with discovering the first coral reef in Iraqi costal, as a result Iraq globally recognized as coral reef region. He is certified as international scientific diver by world underwater federation – CMAS and TU.Bergakademie Freiberg.

Ahmed Mohammed

Ahmed Abdulrahman Mohammed grew up in an educational family which cares for science and success within superiority studies . He graduated from the( Al-Mustansiriya University – college of engineering – mechanical engineering department ). He started his fieldwork with many companies in the private sector , He is now a member of Iraqi engineering assembly also he’s a member of civilian organization and voluntary groups which help many people, he is working in Ministry of oil – Gas filling company (G.F.C) his responsibility is chief operating officer in Al-Diwaniya storage section for (L.P.G). he was assigned to this job in a shortly time due to his efforts and brilliant work .he was conscious to attend many scientific conferences to get benefit from the research discussed in it, also have contact with many foreign companies in order to obtain knowledge with all new information in all over the world . he believes that anyone who wishes to achieve his dream should live with all those around him in peace at any part of the world.

Mohammed Qasim Abdul Ghafoor Al Ani

Has a PhD degree in philosophy of architecture and urbanism in Architectural department, College of Engineering, Baghdad University
One of his researches is (Nostalgia: Between Theory and Practice) which focuses on the effect of intellectual thesis and building regulations on the continuity for the historical city centers.
he’s a Full Member of ICOMOS- International Council on Monuments and Sites.
And also a Full Member of ISOCARP- The International Society of City and Regional Planners.
He serves as a Fundamental member in National Heritage Foundation to preserve Baghdad Historical City center.
He’s also the Chairman of the heritage group which took part in the work of the Committee for drafting NAJAF CHARTER FOR THE CONSERVATION, RESTORATION AND REHABILITATION OF HISTORIC CITIES, URBAN AREAS, AND HISTORICAL – HERITAGE MONUMENTS ,2013 while also Participating in many groups regulating the rules of building construction for Baghdad city and Rehabilitation, Redevelopment and conservation of the historical city center of Baghdad.

Beshar Al Azzawi

With a unique music vision, Bashar sees past the surface and into the depths of the soul which made his music that varied from gypsy Spanish, traditional iraqi tunes and even his own style .. the closest and most influential to one’s soul and heart . He holds a B.Sc in civil engineering , he has a band named “HIJAZZ” that reflects his unique style of mixing cultures. Within his musical journey he has been joined by great artists as well as an orchestra , and he has performed in many charity concerts as well as producing many movies sound tracks. He’s a leader in creativity , and within his pure tunes remains his true call of the heart that resembles iraq , and beauty of sumer entitwined within the beauty of the world


Naseer Shamma

Through a talent embracing the intellect, Naseer Shamma achieved a universal recognition for playing the Oud, original eastern instrument, which he made recognized as an international instrument in the world. Shamma also established his unique playing method that was credited to his name, in quest of glorifying this instrument universally, he founded the first Beit Al-Oud Al-Arabi (House Of Arabian Oud), now with many branches in different regions around the world. Shamma won countless Arabian and global awards for his unbelievable talent, he created and directed music for over 20 worldly known documentaries and over 30 movies regarding Iraq and its history, one of his famous works is the music for the movie “Teresa and the crazy songs”. Music is his way of speaking out his mind regarding life matters, after the 1991 and 2003 wars he was affected by what war did to his country, he chose a path of humanity and helping people as it has always been a trait of his, he organized numerous musical festival and used the profit to help people.

Omar Al-Sheikhly

Researcher and assistant teacher at the Department of Biology in college of Science of the University of Baghdad. He has Master degree in Animal Ecology, and working as wildlife expert in Iraq and Middle East. The Iraqi member in the IUCN/OSG Species Survival Commission and the Iraqi co-investigator in the National Geographic project in the Iraqi marshes. He has international photography awards and many published researches concerning the conservation of Iraqi environment and biota. The presentation will cover two connected topics: (I) the National Geographic Project to conserve one of the Iraqi Endemics Mammals species, the Maxwell Otter; (II) the recent decreasing in the water level of the Iraqi marshes which affect its biodiversity and landscape


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