Tedx Talks 2013

Hakeem Shaker Al-Azzawi – National Football Coach

Formerly an Iraqi football player in the 1980s, Hakeem Shaker went on to become the first and only Iraqi coach to manage three Iraqi national teams at the same time: the Iraq Senior team, Olympic team, and Youth team. On the 18th of September 2013, Hakeem was selected for the honorary title, the first ‘Man of Peace in Iraq’ on the World Day of Peace for all his work in creating unity among Iraqis through successful national football teams.

Dakhel Al-Zargani – Research scientist

Dr. Dakhel Al-Zargani holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, specializing in flow injection analysis, and currently supervises students in the field of Analytical Chemistry at Babil University. Dr. Dakhel was most recently awarded the Armor of Scientific Creativity by the Iraqi Ministry of Environment for his contributions in environmental research, and boasts over 125 publications of his research across the world. Through his efforts, Dr. Dakhel has positioned himself to be one of the most cutting-edge research scientists in Iraq with the goal of preserving the country’s incredibly diverse yet fragile environment.

Adil Al-Attar – Civil Engineer

Adil Attar is a civil engineer with over a dozen patents in traffic safety and building structure innovation. Born in Baghdad in 1937, Adil produced inventive roadway markers and epoxy adhesives and subsequently established a second manufacturing plant in Ontario, California. His most recent patent, the Insulating Concrete Form System, was inspired by his stay in Iraq and the ever-growing demand for simple, economical building materials with optimum insulating value to help serve Iraq’s housing needs. Adil holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Math and Science from the University of Houston and a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas.


Sarhang Hars – Gender Rights Activist

Sarhang Hars holds MSc in Media and Communication, he developed the innovative website, Amedia Watch. It was recognized at the recent Hurilab competition, a human rights event hosted by the UNDP, as an outstanding digital intervention promoting the rights of women in the Middle East. Interested in gender, media, and equal representation, Sarhang started working on this project as he saw the subservience and objectification of women in Iraqi media as undermining their role in society, especially in trying to create a more egalitarian Iraq.


Hasan AlAgele – Inventor

Hasan is a young Iraqi inventor, who used his curiosity and talents in science to invent a medical device that would build the muscles of the neck through a series of therapeutic exercises. This device was recognized as a potentially noteworthy invention by ranking medical authorities in Iraq and Hasan was subsequently granted a patent in the year 2012. He is currently working with a group of engineers and designers to further refine his creation to be utilized worldwide.


Saad AlMomen – Co-founder, Baghdad Life

Saad AlMomen is an innovative graphics and website designer as well as a PhD candidate and lecturer at the College of Science, University of Baghdad. Leveraging his skills in design, Saad co-founded Baghdad Life, a website and mobile application dedicated to reflecting the positive side of the capital city by highlighting the numerous cultural events, plethora of historical sites, and faces of youth providing hope for the future of the country. Saad and his colleagues created the site as their mutual admiration for their beloved ancient city encouraged them to show the world another side of Baghdad that deserves recognition, rather than just the tired face of war and violence.


Ahmed Al Kiremli – Serial Entrepreneur and Innovator

Ahmed Al Kiremli is a consummate entrepreneur and angel investor seeking new, innovative, and efficient ways to improve business processes in Iraq. Overcoming numerous challenges, Ahmed is blazing trails by establishing and franchising his own Iraqi fast/casual dining brand – Iraqi Touch, the first of its kind in the world, in addition to video gaming spaces in popular Middle Eastern malls. He continues to explore new endeavors locally and internationally with the overriding goal of learning and sharing knowledge as a global entrepreneur.

Mohammed Qassim – Youth Activist

Mohammed Qassim is a preeminent computer programmer and a youth activist. Mohammed developed a communication system that operates without internet or a SIM card for personal or professional use. Due to his incredible inventions, Mohammed received several awards by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. He was also the first representative from Iraq to attend the Regional Google Conference (Saudi Arabia – 2011). Mohammed continues to play a critical part in the Iraq youth movement as a member of the Youth Parliament, as well as working on various governmental programming projects, including the Electronic School project.

Akeel Khareef – Painter and Visual Artist

While studying at the College of Fine Arts in Baghdad, Akeel Khareef developed a unique artistic style of creating displays from discarded objects. He is inspired by the post-World War II schools of pop art and environmental art, particularly the movement that seeks to transform street trash into admirable compositions. He has also been mastering the fundamentals of classic painting. Akeel’s first exhibition was conducted in close cooperation with Iraq’s Ministry of Environment to raise awareness about recycling and environmental issues. His pieces were later incorporated as permanent features of a museum at the Ministry.


Mahmood Hajim – Innovator

The extraordinary flight power of the housefly inspired Mahmood Hajim to create a unique blade that mimics the functionality and design of the fly’s wing. This cutting-edge design can be utilised in propellers for numerous purposes with proven energy savings, enhanced efficiency, and increased effectiveness. Since his TEDxBaghdad Talk in 2011, Mahmood went on to be a Lead Consultant at the Baghdad-based El-Karama Company.


Nawres Arif – Graphic Designer

Nawres Arif is a graduate of pharmacology, yet his talents go far beyond this field, as he possesses incredible skills in design, mechanics, 3D and motion capture research. His unique art has brought him numerous opportunities in 3D graphics for various TV channels. Through his work, Nawres has developed a terrific concept of designing a motion capture suit, truly distinct among his fellow Iraqi designers. Seeking to spread his skills across the global online community, he has developed a robust Youtube Channel, where he regularly posts tutorials on graphic design.

Senan Al-Zubaidi – Fashion designer

Senan is a highly creative and multitalented art designer. He holds a bachelor degree in interior design from the Institute of Fine Art in Baghdad. Since 1986, Senan’s passion and creativity in fashion design, decor, and media have allowed him to participate in many exhibitions and TV shows as an interior designer and stylist. His latest fashion show, titled the “Charm of the Iraqi Abaya”, was exhibited in Baghdad as part of the Capital of Arabic Culture Festival 2013. His impressive body of work on modernising the Iraqi Abaya subsequently garnered international coverage at a prominent fashion show in Morocco, where he used Haute Couture to artfully represent Iraq’s civilization and culture.



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