TEDxBaghdad intro 2012

The theme of TEDxBaghdad 2012 comes as a continuation of our debut theme in 2011, Making the Impossible Possible. Yahay AlAbdeli and his outstanding team achieved what the world thought impossible


TEDxBaghdad Meets the Iraqi Media … Again!

Representatives of TEDxBaghdad Media Team met last week media anchormen, TV presenters and journalists in order to discuss the role of media coverage of TEDxBaghdad 2012. The meeting took place


TEDxBaghdad in a Totally New Horizon!

Have you ever considered TEDxBaghdad as an eating material? As in, “Honey, I’m having a TEDxBaghdad for dinner today”? Well, some of our fans do, inspired by TEDxBaghdad continuous endeavors […]