Muhammed Yousi

Real happiness lies in helping others. Our speaker Muhammed Yousif, holder of a Master’s degree in computer science, has designed with his hard working crow members high-tech electronic glasses that […]

Dr.Nawar Al-Saadi

Our speaker, Dr.Nawar Al-Saadi, A holder Ph.D in International Economic from University of Bucharest. Now, he is a professor and director of scientific research center at Cihan University-Dohuk. In addition, […]

Dr. Ahmed Hassan

Cultural and scientific connections are made in order to exchange information and transfer knowledge from a country to another. This is what Dr. Ahmed Hassan, a holder of a doctorate […]

Hella Mewis & Ameen Mokdad (TARKIB

Hella Mewis & Ameen Mokdad (TARKIB) Hella Mewis is a German freelance Art Manager, living and working in Baghdad since 2013. Ameen Mokdad is an Iraqi freelance Composer and Musician […]

Mr. Mahmoud Mohsin yassen

You can’t get blood out of stones, a proverb which was believed by a lot of people. But our Mr. Mahmoud has another opinion. Mr. Mahmoud Mohsen Yaseen graduated from […]

Mohammed Minhaj

A simple initiative was able to eliminate many problems in society like poverty and class-based classification and instill the spirit of cooperation among society members. Our speaker, Mohammed Minhaj is […]