TEDxYouth@Baghdad 2018 Speaker, Fatima Zaid

Our 12th Speaker, Fatima Zaid From Mosul carries a peace letter with a beautiful Mosuli accent. Fatima shares her Search and questionnaire she did at her school and the results […]

TEDxYouth@Baghdad 2018 Speaker, Noor Wisam

Noor Wisaam, Previous contestant of the Voice kids shares her experience and how she prepared her self every time she hits the stage, afterward, she amused us with her beautiful […]

TEDxYouth@Baghdad 2018 Speaker, Riham Saber

90% of diabetes is type B, our speaker Riham Saber will be speaking about diabetes and ways to use Alternative Medicine to cure the disease or to control the blood […]

TEDxYouth@Baghdad 2018 Speaker, Mais Qamar

Our 9th TEDxYouth@Baghdad 2018 speaker is Mais Qamar To spread the sports culture and exercising in our society and the need of the feminine side for this development. Mais took […]