Dr. Madiha Al-Bearmani talk at TEDxBaghdad 2015

“Countries are only built through their nation’s love and efforts; so ask yourself what you’ve done for your homeland before demanding it to give you emigration forms” Dr.Madiha’s talk shed […]

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“كلنا نمر بتغييرات عظيمة بحياتنا وهي مهما كبرت او صغرت , فرص ثانية ” الممثل الامريكي هاريسون فورد هل بوركت بلقاء شخص نجى من مرض , اصابة او حادث و […]

TEDxbaghdad 2014 – Solo Baghdad band creativity

1:30 P.M, the second session of our event is moving forward with Solo baghdad band at the meanwhile, 4 musicians, some musical instruments and a young woman with fantastic voice performing […]