Mrs. Farida Mohammed Ali

And last but not least.. Her name comes up whenever the Iraqi maqam is mentioned, Mrs. Farida Mohammed Ali. Mrs. Farida was born in the city of Karbalaa in 1963, […]

Mina Alkhuzai

Education is the cornerstone of society. Urging children to learn and instilling love of education will boost up and develop their aspirations and ambition, and help them go further in […]

Abdul Salam Sobhi Taha

Researcher and writer in the field of archeology Professor Abdul Salam Sobhi Taha, an arctict who’s completing his studies in ancient Iraqi architecture. He has many books like “Looting and […]

Ibtihal Mohamed

Where nothing is impossible. Ibtihal, the holder of Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, is a young Iraqi woman from Mosul who fled her home towards Kirkuk when ISIS controlled the […]

Live Band

Music is the language of world no matter how much its patterns are different. Live Band is a band of 4 friends, Aws Emad who plays on guitar, Mustafa Dhafer […]

Muhammed Yousi

Real happiness lies in helping others. Our speaker Muhammed Yousif, holder of a Master’s degree in computer science, has designed with his hard working crow members high-tech electronic glasses that […]