TEDxBaghdad ambassadors

We are thankful for our TEDxBaghdad ambassadors that helped us for many years with organizing TEDxBaghdad event and still helping us with sharing our Iraqi ideas that are worth spreading:

mustafa Mustafa Alazzawi – Dentist – USA

TEDxBaghdad change my life, i found the place where i was looking for many years place where i got inspired and share experanice and met wonderful people .




Mohammad AlSamarraie – ِArt Director – Kurdistan region of Iraq

كنا كشباب عايشين بوقت… مثل الغرقان الي يدورله على قشاية يجلب بيها حتى يعيش! تيدإكس بغداد كان مثل “الأمل الفرصة”، القشاية الي كنا محتاجيه حتى نثبت أنه الشباب بيهم كل الخير حتى يغيرون الواقع، الحجة الي تشوف للعالم صورة مغايرة عن العراق وشباب العراق… وعرفنا بتيدإكس بغداد وبالتطوع، أنه احنا على قيد الحياة.

Hamada Zahawi – Int’l Attorney & Entrepreneur – USHamada Zahawi

TedxBaghdad is an opportunity for Iraqis from all walks of life to spread ideas and share stories of innovation in face of necessity, triumph in face of adversity, perseverance in face of insurmountable odds. It is truly a forum for inspiration, hope, and the future of Iraq.

Layla Shaikley – Co-Founder at WISE Systems – UAE

Violence and war will cannot limit ideas. Knowledge is bulletproof.

Mohammad Kamal – Dentist – Belgiummk

TEDxBaghdad means more than a lot to me, it is a life changing, influential and outstanding experience for me.

Alaa Alaraji – Dentist – Netherlands

My second family that I will be always grateful for, because of all joyful moments of working together. TEDxBaghdad is a dream I used to live within throughout the past five years, more than 8 major events and 12 livestreams in addition to over 500 teammates, speakers and performers we were living in a dream litrally by making the impossible possible when the beginning begun into an infinity and beyond we will never give up.

Haidar Kadhem

I’m very proud to be part of tedxbaghdad

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