10:40 A.M, 2 professional journalists a male and female walked towards the platform of Al-zawra’a Hall-Al-rasheed Hotel in the heart of the green zone-Baghdad,  Microphones given to them, then they began  introducing TEDx Baghdad speakers and the whole event with a soft baghdadi melody behind, while The Ceremony beginning was opened by the iraqi national anthem which was played by (solo baghdad band), all the attendees were standing respectfully  for the national anthem.

Media agencies are all here, covering the event with great efforts to show the bright side of Baghdad, Their cameras are focusing our talented speakers on the stage. Special thank should be presented for our sponsor (lana T.V).

as well as the agencies who helped us in covering the event locally and around the world such as the local media (Al-iraqia T.V), (Al-sharqiya T.V), (Al-ishraq T.V), (Al-rasheed T.V), (Al-sumariyah T.V) And all the rest of  foreign and arabian T.V stations, journals & radios.


And now Mr.yahya al-abdeli (The president of TEDxBaghdad) speech is its time to take part,


Al-abdeli on behalf all the organizers and sponsors has set the gratitude for every single volunteer and person helped in holding the event among all the critical circumstances of Iraq, Al-abdeli mentioned  that “the work behind the stage is not done by a one person, it was totally all by the hard work of the paced steps of more than 5 professional teams and”, then he talked more about the procedures for this year’s projects of TEDxBaghdad 2014 and in the conclusion he added his apology for those fans who have not been accepted their attendance applications for this year’s  event.

Our next speaker was Mustafa Hameed who has lived the most of his age in Germany, an iraqi young man ,liked to be a photographer few years ago, and  he says ” today, I’ am not here to tell you about what does photography mean but I’m here to share with you what I’ve learned from that”.

Mustafa was looking on the stage as a wise photographer with deep proficiency in photographing and he released  exciting advice to all new photographers encompassed the meaning of (Quality needs more from you than Techniques to help you succeed)


Haidar Reda who is a political science graduate from Baghdad University and holds a master degree in political science from one of the most multicultural and religiously-diverse universities in India, talking about religions and how his first journey with religions started by building religious bridges. he gave details about realistic features of many religions such as Yazidis and etc..

he tried to transfer the feelings of how racist incidents and accidents in his home country can affect, make self-shock and energize violence inside the innocent souls


Mohammed Alaa al-hareri  is an iraqi  painter,he is doing a magical performance right now on the stage by his talented unknown way of drawing paintings with powder ,an interactive music described already the creativity of his work and finished-up the show with   firing a white-bird in the  Hall.


Now,  the schedule marks The  First coffee break which is up on doors ,So We Hope you keep staying in touch with our next blogs and news Don’t go far away.

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