The main team of TEDxBaghdad gathered in the morning, at the head of them was Mr. Yahya Al-Abdeli, the conference president and Suhad Alfartousi, the executive director of TEDxBaghdad projects, beside a group of amazing volunteers for this year’s conference came to put the last touches and finalizing the preparations of the team before only one day separates us from the big event – TEDxBaghdad 2014.

Tasks are distributed among the teams, the team leaders took their positions and speakers started their last “Bracing – trainings” with the speakers team and under the supervision of mr. Al-Abdeli.

In recent days there were many meetings between the organizers and the contributors to making TEDxBaghdad a successful event this year. And today, the intensification of the meetings reached its highest point with one gathering-up per hour for all the volunteers and teams in order to provide urgent updates and integrate all the axes of the team with each other, facilitating the procedures for the 27th of September 2014 !

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