The distinguished guest registration teams are about to finish their work in a few minutes, and the TEDxBaghdad 2014 conference halls will open their doors to them.

Mr. Mladenov – Representative and Special Envoy of the Secretary of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon in Iraq, receives the last remarks of his speech to be delivered at the first session of today’s event, and the prosecutors flock to the hall

Despite the suffering of the way to reach and enter the conference venue, TEDxBaghdad, which will be held this year in the fortified area (the Green Zone) in the center of the capital, Baghdad, the guests and speakers are still insisting on making the dream of this year’s event come true, professionally, accurately, and with high discipline.

On behalf of the TEDxBaghdad team, we extend our sincere thanks to all our followers on all social media sites and the TEDxBaghdad website for the good follow-up and supportive encouragement for all of us.

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