Using technology to aid the visually impaired Farqad Adnan is a computer engineer and programmer in the field of web design and smart phone applications, specialized in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence AI- and IOT since 2014. He holds an online education certificate from the Stanford University of America for the Science of Robotics. He holds a patent in artificial intelligence and a certified Robotics Academy certification. He participated in many scientific seminars, conferences and workshops in the local and international levels. In his spare time, Farqad Adnan became excited to learn all the components of microcontrollers Arduino to write us the book “The World of the Arduino”. If you search more about the author you will find a man who has many talents far from his specialization field like drawing and Engineering and Architecture, where he participated in designing engineering designs for his country’s heritage. He aspires to put his mark on life and to share science and knowledge

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