It’s 8:45 am, the pressure’s rising as the very final hour of preparation before the event starts is approaching.There is an overwhelming energy in the place. Volunteers are rushing around the halls of Al-Rasheed hotel; setting up banners, hanging sings and adding the final touches to the stage in Al-Zawraa Hall where the speakers will be presented. Everyone is giving their maximum effort, doing exactly the task they were set out to do since the minute they volunteered to be a part of TEDx Baghdad 2015 family.

TedxBaghdad volunteers preparing the stage.
TedxBaghdad volunteers preparing the stage.

Attendees are arriving to the hotel after a series of security checkpoints to make sure of their safety. After being welcomed by the Registartion team, they are relaxing outside the hall, looking at the agenda for the exciting day and mingling. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming.


Today’s prestigious conference is attended by many influential public figueres such as Iraq’s Prime Minister, Mr. Haider al-Abadi, representatives of several embassies in Baghdad , representatives of companies, media channels and journalists. There are 12 main expected speakers today, along with segments for entertainment, music and a play.

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