Lots of people say change is impossible, and many say that they were born without a talent,
But here is Ali Najm to prove them wrong!
Ali is a passionate 20 year old singer, he plays a different tone and adds his own color to his art,
He participated in the famous program “Arab Idol ” during the second run but was faced with rejection from the judges due to lack of expertise…. But that didn’t mean the end to him rather the beginning of a successful career.

Through hard work and determination he was able to build on what he had, joined “Arab Got Talent” again, impressed the judges and succeed on the same stage he got rejected on, proving that nothing is impossible and that we all have talents if we work hard on developing them.

Recently Ali released his new song “تدرون” ,“you know”, the song was a success because he worked with what he believed in and again brought something new to the field of Iraqi songs.

The journey continues for Ali, he is working on many projects and hopes to achieve more and more success in his path.

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