our 2015 speaker,shahad alrawi who is known for her short iraqi stories which are full of iraqi cultural themes has published her first novel in october 2016, titled “baghdad’s clock”.

the novel’s events take place in a classy neighbourhood in baghdad during the 90s, the story is narrated by a girl hiding in a bunker during the bombings and from that place we begin to see the baghdad’s features, life, music and its people’s hopes and storylines in a narrative style that keeps changing as time goes by untill we reach the future that tells us about the things we missed in the past and what’s to happen in the days to come.
the novel recieved great reviews and was welcomed by both readers and critics where one of the critics said that it was written in a different way with a blunt narrative that ignored the succession of events.
shahad dedicated the novel to people from her generation and her city, baghdad.

ساعة بغداد

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