We are honoured to present our next speaker, the iraqi business women Samar Al Mafrajy.
samar is one of the brightest names in business in the Arab world
she completed her bachelor degree in English Arts at Al Mustansyria University then went on and received her Diploma in International Politics from the American University and a Diploma in Leadership and Autonomy from Oxford University.

Samar is the General Manager of AMS/ Iraq ( scaffolding and training company ) and she is business development Director of Access Made Safe Scaffolding & Training Group (AMS) which is consider one of the most professional scaffolding companies in the region.
she is also a board of director for the Iraqi Business Council in Abu Dhabi ,as well as the board of the iraqi Women group.

samar Has been able to capture many awards and honors in the Arab and international business,in 2012 she received an award as a young women business leader in the Middle East ,as well as “ The professionalism “ award which was given by Qatari business women in 2010

Samar always confirms her belief in Iraqi women’s outstanding and creative role,being born herself to an Arab family enshrining the cultural heritage values effecting how women are regarded

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