She is challenging stereotype and traditional image of women in the Middle East, dares to face her fears and concur them, risking her life countless times in the pursuit of her goal. Mawj Aldarraji is an Architect with a hobby like no other, Mountain climbing. She is pioneering this sport in the middle-east, as she is the first Iraqi female mountaineer and one of the youngest Arab females to engage in it. Mawj holds a decent record of summits and adventures while carrying the love and dedication towards her country alongside. This passion for climbing mountains started few years ago with a small hike in South East Asia and now she is dreaming even bigger and aiming for huge achievements. Her goal is to be the first Iraqi mountaineer to finish the world highest seven summits and raise the Iraqi flag on top. One of the summits is the mighty Everest, which is according to her timeline, is set to be in this coming year. By achieving this, she will be the youngest Arab female and first Iraqi to Summit Mountain Everest. Mawj is also an activist in the humanitarian field and planning to start a worldwide fundraising campaign with each summit she climbs, and all of the fund benefits would be dedicated to the displaced people in Iraq.


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