Amal Hussein Um Jenat
A wonderful example of the surviving, straggling, fighting, brilliant and loyal Iraqi mother. She is the mother of three kids and the youngest of them is the late young artist Jenat.
Since birth ,Jenat, couldn’t move her body except her single foot and she could present the most extraordinary paintings, all of that wouldn’t have been possible without all the sacrifices and the great will of her mother . Um Jenat had to raise her three kids on her own , a challenging task for a strong and brave woman. She supported Jenat and surrounded her with the love, care and whatever she needed to develop her extraordinary talents at such early age and with such rare condition. She was also a painter, fashion designer and poet, and here she is, Um Jenat a loyal messenger for the extraordinary story of her daughter Jenat as she keeps telling us about Jenat’s life , the message she wanted to share is how to face the challenge of disability and spread the hope .

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