Humam ibrahim is back in Baghdad for the first time!

Maybe you have seen him on Arab Idol this year but you may have listened to his records that he released before,
He has many contributions and has obtained many awards, we mention here some of his remarkable work:
–He joined the famous singer Raghub Alama on the olympia stage in 2015 to be the second Iraqi singer on that stage

-He also appeared with Kadhim al-sahr and Marwan khoury in 2011 on new year’s eve
– Also, he was awarded the first award of “Star Globe” in 2004

He started his journey being part of “Firqat Babel” in Iraq then he joined ” alif layla wa layla” to travel afterwards to Lebanon releasing his first record “Humam” with a contract with Rotana.

He released two more records after that and he participated in many concerts on an international level in Sweden, Netherlands and many of the arabic countries.

Humam was born in 1981 in Baghdad had his bachelor’s degree from Holland and got two diplomas in music and in business administration from Baghdad.

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