The photographer that interacts with his surrounding environment is no less than a poet .
We are proud to introduce our next speaker Mortaje Latif Jasim, born in 1991, he is a war photojournalist who had covered many battles and military operations, including the military operations in 2014 with task force of fast counter strikes, and the liberation operations of dyala, amirli, aldhluiya, dore, alalam, tikrit, baigi, alnabai, althathar, al-Fallujah, island of samarra, island of alkhalidiyah, and the operations for the liberations of mosul’s western bank by the people’s mobilization force which is continuing to this very day.
A war photographer is threatened to lose his life or be injured at anytime , dealing with this requires a professional conduct, and every experience he lives is a lesson of war.
Murtaja believes that with every image, every fraction of a second he captures, there is a story.
He has lived many joyful stories and heart breaking ones with the courageous victorious liberators and the innocent displaced victims.

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