Cultural and scientific connections are made in order to exchange information and transfer knowledge from a country to another. This is what Dr. Ahmed Hassan, a holder of a doctorate degree in Astrophysics from the University Of Bonn in Germany, did. He graduated from Physics Department in Mustansiriyah University and obtained a master’s degree from University of Baghdad. Then, he started to make his way to success by establishing the first laboratory for Astrophysics in the Arab world, which was supervised by the German professor Kurb and him. He has published many scientific researches and articles in several magazines and has also participated in many conferences on national and international levels. In addition, he was awarded the science shield by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq in 2014. Dr. Ahmed Hassan made the first scientific cultural connections between the University of Bonn and the Iraqi universities. He will be one of TEDx Baghdad speakers this year.

Ahmed Hasan


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