A true inspirational story of overcoming hardships and challenges.
This story of success occurred in Baghdad. Losing his eyesight didn’t hinder him from achieving his goals or pursuing his dreams. Ali abd- alghani one of this year’s TEDx Baghdad speakers he will tell us the story of his success in breaking disability barriers and surpassing hardships.
He was born in Baghdad and he acquired his bachelors degree of English literature from Al-imam Al-sadiq university. Speaks more than 3 languages ( Arabic, English and French and a little Spanish and Italian) plus more than 20 programming languages.
He works as a programmer, a UNIX developer and an active programmer in the Free Foundation (FSE).
He has several certificates from international websites and universities like Compile Design certificate from Stanford University, a certificate in Introduction to Programming in Python from MIT institute and many others.
He also aided in developing many projects and programs such as
*shumway player
And several others. Plus founding some projects such as
* The Uruk project and Uruk GNO Linux (to which he is a founding member and a current developer)
* A founding member of Liber BSD.
And for his own projects:
*Selas Os
*Rose Passwords Generator
*Rose Algorithms
*Uruk Cleaner
*Uruk Ocr server
And others.

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