She is painting her dreams in dancing portraits on the sound of her pure voice.
Malak Scander, with age 22 years old, is a student at the College of Art, Translation Department/ Al-Mustansiriyah University. Her choice for this field was due to her love for English language since she mastered it from an early age.
Her choice of the academic study did not hold her from developing her talent in painting and singing, as she has returned to develop her talent in painting after finishing high school, as well as, she was within a coral for several years. She did not expect that her voice would attract so much people’s attention on social media especially after she has started singing different kinds of songs other than chants.
After she has gained the admiration of the people, she decided to sing all kinds of songs, so she started to record her songs, song after song, not just because people have loved her voice and the way of her singing but to give her voice and talent the opportunity to be heard, evolve and spread out more.

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