TEDxBaghdad in a Totally New Horizon!

Have you ever considered TEDxBaghdad as an eating material? As in, “Honey, I’m having a TEDxBaghdad for dinner today”? Well, some of our fans do, inspired by TEDxBaghdad continuous endeavors to serve the local community and motivated by the extent of change that TEDxBaghdad has brought to their lives, went on and “cooked” some TEDxBaghdad cookies, sweets and cakes, in a fashion derived from Iraqis’ everyday life, and made exclusively by the hands of TEDx enthusiasts, men and women alike, to make their lives sweetened by the flavor of TEDxBaghdad.

As TEDxBaghdad already reached the internet, the streets of Baghdad and the minds of creative people, one new way to go in for TEDxBaghdad is to the kitchens of the Iraqis, reaching a totally new horizon; as it was present in the feasts of the Baghdadian families during their Ramadhan and Eid feasts, and our fans made it clear themselves by sharing their pictures with us, as they wanted to let us know that “not only is TEDxBaghdad is in hearts and minds, yet now it is in every corner in our lives, and in every bit of our bodies”.

So, some of our fans’ works are coming your way, let us know how you think via our website, our Facebook page, or via our Twitter account.

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