TEDxBaghdad 2011 Sponsors

TEDxBaghdad is under the patronage of the Honorable Mr. Nori K. Al Maliky Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq

TEDxBaghdad would like to thank the Partners:

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Kalimat Telecom

LLS Group Microsoft partners

Earthlink is an Iraqi company founded in 2005 by the efforts of Iraqi cadres 100% to be one of the leading companies in Iraq at the level of VSat and wireless internet service providers, communications and enterprise network solutions.
Website: Earthlink



Iraqi Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of Culture, through its many branches, is determined to restoring the once great culture of Iraq. From exploring archaeological sites to the newest book releases, poetry gatherings, and Iraqi musical talents the ministry supports. Showing its contribution, The Ministry of Culture has designated magazines to the different aspects of culture to show Iraqi talent. Website: Iraqi Ministry of Culture



University of Technology Baghdad. The University of Technology is one of the leading education facilities in Iraq, with a goal to create innovation and promote knowledge through creativity.  Currently, the University of Technology plays an important role in economic development by offering research facilities and up-to-date methods that place it on a higher level in engineering research. Website: University of Technology Baghdad



Iraq Foundation is a non-profit organization. The Foundation was established by Iraqis in 1991 as an independent, non-partisan, non-sectarian and non-ethnic organization. Our mission is to promote democracy, human rights and civil society in Iraq. We work largely with Iraqi NGOs and cooperate with relevant government institutions. To achieve our goals, we utilize a variety of tools such as training workshops, conferences, publications, and radio and TV programs. We aim to be inclusive of all regions in Iraq. http://www.iraqfoundation.org

UNFPA is a UN organization. The work of the UNFPA involves promotion of the right of every woman, man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity. This is done through major national and demographic surveys and with population censuses. The data generated is used to create programmes to reduce poverty and address issues concerning the rights of particular minority population groups. www.unfpa.org

Abu Rafil Confectionery was founded in 1984 and since then is involved in joys and rituals of all Iraqis. It is well known by making birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and French pastries. It is over 25 years of excellence in industry of the luxury chocolate and sweets such as the Iraqi natural Mun Al-Sama sweet andmarvelous baklava. www.aburafil.com

178 aardige ontwerpers, bureau voor visuele communicatie, ontwikkelde de beeldtaal van TEDxYouth@Amsterdam. Deze stijl kreeg de titel ‘ga recht op je droom af’ en werd toegepast op diverse on- en offline communicatiemiddelen. Website: 178.nl.

Toscani is een creatief bureau dat gespecialiseerd is in interactieve concepten. Wat Toscani onderscheidt van andere internet bureaus is dat wij onze wortels hebben in de reclame. Website: toscani.nl.

Spring Technologies builds living web/mobile applications that inform audiences, connects people, facilitates conversations and drives change. Spring is a team of web thinkers and builders: experienced strategists, unconventional innovators and solid engineers. http://www.hellospring.net/

ICE Pack

MasterPeace is a global initiative which is dedicated to put music above fighting, dialogue above judgment, bread above bombs and creation above destruction. Through music, art, social media and the development of the International Day of Peace, MasterPeace will encourage dialogue, togetherness and social sustainability from small local neighborhoods to large conflict areas, worldwide. MasterPeace: Creating peace. Together! Website: http://www.masterpeace.org/

Dear World was founded by Robert X. Fogarty and is social venture startup that wants to build a beautiful, wonderful world, one photo at a time. By taking pictures of thousands of individuals with strong, passionate voices in times of great struggle. Dear World has also photographed people’s biggest dreams and greatest ambitions. Their ambition is to grow into a media platform that can be a vehicle through which we engage in celebration and happiness and in uncertainty and hardship, together. Website: http://dearworld.me/