dr. murtada jabbara , TEDx baghdad 2017


It is well known to all that many Iraqi doctors have achieved great achievements and they’re a basic and an important segment of the Iraqi society.
From this point of view we present to you our speaker :
Dr. Mortada Jabbara
One of the most prominent anesthetists in Iraq as he was the first to use a sophisticated technique in the field of peripheral nerve anesthesia and for the first time in the country by ultrasound to infer the peripheral nerves.
He obtained a Bachelor degree in Medicine from Mosul University in 2004 and then a diploma in anesthesia from the University of Baghdad in 2012
Dr. Murtada worked on 10 training workshops for anesthesia in Iraq and he also encourages medical students through more than 500 medical and instructional videos
For his operations on his YouTube channel .