Moments from a busy day!

9th November 2011, 3:00 in the morning

The team had a long meeting after 14 hours of work. I think there is no need to explain how dedicated the people from the team of TEDxBaghdad are.

Welcoming the volunteers and planning for the workshops,

The volunteers were quite happy and excited to offer their best for the upcoming days. Generously they shared their experiences and opinion to make the workshop event run smoothly and to give a chance for a high interaction between the participants and trainers.

The social media team was busy with the tools they had and organized a live streaming over Facebook for a few minutes. The reaction was amazing from our dearest friends and supporters over the social media networks. We will keep their valuable feedback as our first source of inspiration to offer the best we have.

Camera team working hard to install camera cranes and stand for the best possible recording angles!

On the stage,

The skilled workers putting their final touches on the stage, which will be the platform for the first TEDx event in Iraq!

The workshop team working hand in hand to prepare a surprise to our respected guests!

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