It’s all about success!

11th Nov.  2011, Baghdad

Workshops day!

One day before the TEDxBaghdad event, Mrs. Suhad Al-Fartousi together with a team of dedicated people organized 3 workshops for 150 participants in 3 topics; Journalism and media, Child rights education, Discovering the talents. The participants were extremely happy to see their wishes flying high and spread over Baghdad!

Journalism and media workshop participants with Jan Scheele!

12th Nov. 2011, Baghdad

Welcoming the Prime Minister (Nouri Al-Maliki) as one of the most honorable attendants with his historical words to assign a special committee to take care of the Iraqi innovators to return Iraq to its position as one of the active forces that push the wheels of knowledge forward along with international peers!

The 600 guests approaching  Al-Rasheed Hotel to give life to TEDxBaghdad!

So many inspiring (inter) national speakers – Iraqis and foreigners. It’s impossible to talk about them here, but their videos, which will be posted soon, will do the talking!

Coming soon on our website!

12th Nov. 2011, Dubai

We are not alone in this world, our friends and supporters in 20+ countries watched the livestream not only on their laptops, but some organized a live stream event. In Dubai they did as well, I leave you with some pictures.

Thankfully Baghdad gathers all Iraqis even overseas!

The Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra added their unique touch to the event!

It’s all about surprises; TEDxBaghdad had its own gallery to exhibits the Iraqi buried talents!

The volunteer team on the stage is the power of TEDxBaghdad!

From: TEDxBaghdad

To: The world

Through our simple equipments, our penetrating minds and our insistence, we’ll amaze the world!

A message to the world!

We’ve left our guests with simple souvenirs to help them spread the word!

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