Dear World collaboration with TEDxBaghdad

I’d gotten to know Rob Fogarty through a series of emails and texts related to TEDxBaghdad. Before I knew it, I’d found myself ready to pick up a photographer that I had never met before at a local LA train station. Not uncommon, my TEDx cyber network had grown world-wide and uncontrollably with people wanting to contribute to the betterment of the war torn country. Iraq, you have many fans.

As I pulled up to the train station, I immediately recognized the founder of Dear World.  This would be the beginning of a promising weekend of heartfelt love letters to Iraq. What Rob explains as a “21st century pen pal” is his project to exchange messages via photograph. Rob captures notes written on the body to contribute to his ultimate database of love–one that “knows no race, no religion, and no language.”

After a weekend of shooting Iraqi Americans and others in Los Angeles, Rob plans to continue to Dear World: Iraq in Baghdad. Rob’s Dear World team has done something similar in Afghanistan.

Look out for Rob’s project at TEDxBaghdad!

By Layla Shaikley

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