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Yahay has been in Iraq! After 33 years the TEDxBaghdad organizer returned to his home country. He has stayed for a bit longer than a week. The trip was a very positive experience. ‘I can’t even start telling what it meant to be in Iraq again. I have a lot of stories.’

Yahay had ‘amazing meetings’ with the Iraqi Minister of Culture and the Minister of Science and Technology. They gave him advice on locations and showed full support for TEDxBaghdad. Afterwards Yahay visited a variety of locations in the capital.
Everywhere Yahay went people immediately believe in TEDxBaghdad, in what it can do for Iraq. After his presentation for NGO’s, we had 400 more likes on Facebook in no time.

Did you know that we’ve reached more than 1.300 Likes on Facebook?
Yahay, Mousa and Andra of the TEDxBaghdad team are very active in posting news. Since Yahay went to Iraq, TEDxBaghdad has many new followers from all over the world. People want to help and participate. We’re going to inform you all how you can do that. You can be an ambassador for TEDxBaghdad in your own community. We’re happy with all your energy and commitment, because TEDxBaghdad won’t stop after November 11th.

'I found paradise' - tweet from Yahay

Besides organizing the TEDxBaghdad congress, our goal is to realize long-term projects, which can help the Iraqi society. For example, projects on infrastructure and education. And we want to create an innovation centre. We have so many ideas, that we have to choose. One idea definitely worth doing is Masterpeace. The goal of this international project is creating peace by making art:

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