The TEDxBaghdad Team

The TEDxBaghdad team is not only based in The Netherlands. People from across the world are helping to make this event happen. Please meet two very committed team members Nada and Layla.

An interview with TEDxBaghdad team member Nada in Dubai
Nada is a Canadian Iraqi – she was raised in Ottowa, Canada. She lives in Dubai. Nada is director of a start-up consultancy on strategic communications. Her background is in Digital Strategy and building optimal user experiences for web based products. She truly enjoys consulting and advising organizations on their digital communication needs and objectives.

How did you get involved with TEDxBaghdad?
‘I had similar thoughts of bringing TEDx to Iraq, and so was incredibly happy to see that Yahay AlAbdeli had already taken the initiative. I simply contacted him through e-mail. Now I’m working with him and other wonderful team members to make this event a success.’

What is you role?
‘Since I am based in Dubai, I have taken up the role as the Dubai Ambassador to TEDxBaghdad. My role is to spread awareness of this event, search for inspirational speakers and get sponsors to help make the event possible. I will also be involved with the operations of the event on the day itself.’

What is your dream or goal with TEDxBaghdad?
‘For Iraq, my dream is to see the country prosperous economically, socially and politically. My goal is to help be part of this movement. Especially around the social changes required in Iraq, where issues of poverty, lack of education, and abundance of orphans require drastic attention and help. 3 years ago I had started the Canadian Society of Iraqi Youth, an organization aimed at helping orphans in Iraq through sponsorship and special projects. I hope to continue in the plight of orphans in Iraq, and my ultimate goal it to be part of a social change in Iraq where programs for orphans are embedded in every province in Iraq, where each and every orphan can feel love and security from the community.’

What has been your biggest achievement for TEDxBaghdad so far?
‘My biggest achievement for TEDxBaghdad has yet to be achieved. I really hope I can bring some large sponsors to the table in order to make this conference a success. I’m definitely happy about some of the speakers we have secured and the group support that the TEDxBaghdad team has for each other!’

Who is your dream speaker?
‘It would be someone from Iraq, in Iraq, lived through the trials and tribulations of Iraq and up to speak on his/her hopes, dreams and aspirations for Iraq. This person is not hypothetical, this person lives in many Iraqis, and we hope to be able to find a few such people to inspire us all.’

Irene de Waal

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