The TEDxBaghdad Team

The TEDxBaghdad team is not only based in The Netherlands. People from across the world are helping to make this event happen. Please meet two very committed team members Nada and Layla.

An interview with TEDxBaghdad team member Layla in Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Layla is of Kurdish-Arabic Iraqi origin. Her parents migrated to L.A. in the seventies. Layla: ‘I like to believe that I’m living in L.A. due to fate. Like the Persian poet Hafez said: “This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.”’
Layla is an architecture student, a dreamer and an artist. She’s also an intern at NASA.

How did you come in contact with TEDxBaghdad?
‘Nada, also on the TEDxBaghdad team, introduced us to Yahay. I got involved with TEDxBaghdad because I agree strongly with the principle it stands for: spreading ideas. To me, TEDxBaghdad is one step of many to rebuild a resilient country of immeasurable potential in the most important way: innovation through ideas.’

What do you do for TEDxBaghdad?
‘At the TEDxBaghdad team we’re constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, as this is the first time several of us have ever put something like this together. We all contribute to finding locations, connecting talented individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to us, finding sponsorships internationally and creating relationships and connections inside of Iraq. My greatest responsibility is managing and coordinating the speakers.’

What’s your dream or goal?
‘My goal is to overcome obstacles related to war and violence in Iraq by providing a stage for the country’s unheard and deserving.’

What has been your biggest achievement for TEDxBaghdad so far?
‘Our biggest achievement has been coordinating our regular Skype-meetings between three continents!’

Of which achievement are you most enthusiastic/proud?
‘The optimism and support that we have received inside and outside of Iraq kindle my enthusiasm daily.’

Who is your dream speaker on TEDxBaghdad?
‘The ambitious and unconventional kid dreaming about speaking on a TEDx stage right now is my dream speaker.’

Would you like to share something more…?
‘I end every day inspired by the people that I come across in working for TEDxBaghdad. It’s a beautiful world flush with beautiful people.

Irene de Waal

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